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Welcome to the Poker Tracker Guide

Poker Tracker is THE most powerful tool for online poker players.

For the past three years, Poker Tracker has offered savvy players an amazingly sophisticated tool for collecting and organizing data for their online poker sessions. Until now, though, many of the seemingly limitless features of Poker Tracker have been largely ignored by all but a handful of poker's most inquiring minds.

The Poker Tracker Guide, however, explains and demonstrates these powerful tools with simple and straightforward explanations. Two seasoned, professional online players take the guesswork out of Internet poker's greatest tool. Using this guide, we'll teach you to:

Analyze your play, plug leaks, and maximize your profits by using Poker Tracker's built-in features
Find and exploit the weaknesses of others so you can crush the competition
Categorize your opponents based on hard evidence. Find the fish, bully the rocks, and exploit the maniacs
Build your database and scout the competition by acquiring hundreds of thousands of hands of data -
without playing a single hand
Construct unique databases and unique player profiles for each "type" of game - no-limit, shorthanded
and full-ring games
Use Poker Tracker "plug-ins" to enhance your game-time environment - immediately have every piece of
information you need to make intelligent and profitable decisions

Our e-book not only will improve your play, but you'll learn to capitalize on the unprofitable habits of your opponents.
Learn more about the software and our guide, or Order your copy today!

Poker Tracker Rocks!
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