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    To Purchase Poker Tracker Guide Through Neteller


    1. Log into your NETeller account and click on the Transfer tab.
    2. Click on the Member To Member Transfer link.
    3. Click on the Make Peer-to-Peer Transfer Now link.
    4. Click on the Make Withdrawal Now button.
    5. Enter $20 in the amount field, click the Transfer to Member box and then click the Make Withdrawal button. (NOTE: Just enter $20, you will see an extra field listing the fee, this will be paid by me once you make the transfer. You do not need to pay more than $20 to account for the fee).
    6. Enter the e-mail address and then click the Make Withdrawal button one time.

    Click here to open Neteller in another window.

    When we receive your transfer, you will receive an email (at the email address you have registered with Neteller) with an access code that will allow you to open the e-book. The email contains instructions for how to download and open your Poker Tracker Guide.